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Warm welcome for reading the most appropriate tutorials as per the demand of Today’s era on 4GL (4th Generation Language) from 4gl-tutorials.com. The tutorial is written for covering all aspects of the recent market demand.

4gl-tutorials.com is here to help you in getting through this blog with good ranking along with the required knowledge. This blog consists of tremendous collection of various topics touching different aspect of the 4GL. This blog also covers topics from the late GL (Generation Language). The blog will help you not only in getting good scripts but also enhancing your knowledge in Programming Languages.

Also, 4gl-tutorials.com is going to respond immediately on comments which will deal your difficulties and their solutions. Please comments on posts and give us a chance to help you in your endeavour.

Your valuable suggestions and innovative ideas are invited as comments on any present posts because improvement is a constant process. There is always scope of improvement in any work. Your valuable suggestions will enable us to make a change in the next post.



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  1. Dipak Patel says:

    Good Try sir,Hope We Find Lots of New Inovative Things here….

  2. Dinesh says:

    Nice sir

  3. Vijay Parmar says:

    excellent.. Sir
    Spread knowledge


    better way for students those learnt new things

  5. Very good for student and other reader who really want to jump in it area.
    Hope We Find Lots of New Inovative Things here….

  6. Dashrath Chavda says:

    Very informative and to the point,
    nice initiative.

  7. Dipika says:

    nice sir..

  8. patel ami says:

    sir, its very interesting website, and you define the such a topic in very easy thing..

  9. hinal says:

    Thnq Sir….:)

  10. Ashvin says:

    Nice creativity sir

  11. Deep patel says:

    nice sir

  12. Deep Bhavsar says:


    It is nice step to help student. i wish all student as well as developer will also get help from it.
    I like responsiveness of website this website.
    I hope this blog contain unique topic and new technologies’s code.

    Thank you sir

  13. Hitesh Shroff says:

    good sir..

  14. Mruga says:

    nice work sir…..

  15. karan modi says:


  16. karan modi says:

    good thing sir
    i hope know lots of …..

  17. Sachin Parmar says:

    It’s a fantastic, mind blowing thought…

  18. neha darji says:

    Congratulation sir,

    please also add one more category in jquery, that is JQUERY MOBILE.

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