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“A blog to learn programming language from novice to professional”

4gl-tutorials.com is a blog, Developed in late July 2013, The main goal of this blog is to  provide  useful  programming skills like, logic, techniques, and way to program with graphical figures. I try to share my programming skills from grass-rote for novice programmer who will be professional in future.

Viral Vyas [Programmer & Tutor]

4glTutor Worked As: Technical Assistant
Worked At: Department of Computer Science
 Hemchandracharya N G University, Patan.
Gujarat, India. – 384265.

I am residing at little historical town Patan, Gujarat, India. I passionate to learn and teach computer programming. So, I convert my passion into educational blog and 4gl-tutorials.com has built. Who love to programming, please once visit my web-site and appreciate my work.

-Viral Vyas

Email: 4gl.tutorials@gmail.com

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  1. Rahul says:

    Hi sir this is so good eduction portal for us thank you for that
    sir can you give me some advice how to print (show) the Gujarati or other language data in php from the database

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